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Monday, June 1, 2009


Liyanshijia Cherry Beautify Ruddy Mask (RM5.00)
  • prevents water contents losing, double improve the dry skin.
  • effectively reduce the fine wrinkles.
  • let your skin white and ruddy easily.

Strawberry Moistening Bright Mask (RM5.00)
  • have moistening and arousing effect.
  • cells of skin restore to bright color.

Fresh Orange VC Whiten Beautify Mask (RM5.00)
  • whitening, moisturizing and nourishing.
  • improve the problem of darkness, looseness and roughness.

Wild Rose Arousing Comfortable Mask (RM5.00)
  • Added the high efficiency plant rose extract and moisturizing ingredients can awaken and ease skin.
  • It can persistently maintain water contents of skin.
  • It's honey can form a protective film on the surface which rebirth cells, promote activation and regeneration.

Liyanshijia The Whiting Mask From The Composition of Propolis (RM5.00)
  • whitening effect.
  • resulting in smooth skin.

Liyanshijia Nanometer 1-Minute Magic Whitening Facial Mask (RM5.00)

  • promote skin metabolism, activate cells repair damages skin, dully and quickly refresh skin.
  • can quickly inject water into skin horny layer as well as reserve water in skin.
  • transports other whitening nutrients deep into skin, and instantly leaves skin white, lustrous and attractive.

Liyanshijia X.O. Red Wine Facial Mask (RM5.00)
  • clear away fatigue, promote blood circulation.

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